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AVReporter Energy Management Software

With AVREPORTER Energy Management Software you will be able to reduce costs by detecting areas of high energy consumption. Once your energy management strategy is established you can monitor and manage the energy efficiency targeting process anytime from anywhere.

AVReporter Energy Report

Why do Successful Companies use AVReporter?

… because they want to

  • cut down consumption- „The energy consumption has dropped by a 30% on average. This was achieved by monitoring the energy consumption of the production process (per production line) and  optimizing losses and factory management.”

  • save costs- „The overall running costs decreased by 13% by the deployment of the energy management system and green technologies, this also allowed us to cut down on human resources.”

  • save time- „Because the energy accounts and reports are generated automatically the administration costs and time reduced significantly.”

  • be safe- „AVReporter energy management was a powerful aid to increase our energy efficiency, but it also contributed towards the safety of the production process.”

  • take it easy- „The AVReporter application helps staff to complete their energy accounts accurately and easily. This made the integration of the system into the already existing one flawless.”

  • get it quickly- „The AVReporter application contains many built-in reports and device drivers already, making the system building process a lot faster and less frustrating.”

The combined use of IoT servers and AVReporter provides a quick and cost-efficient energy management system solution:

Other protocols

AVReporter energy management software

Power meters

If the SQL connection is not available, the IoT device stores data into the onboard storage (SD Card).

  • Xserver.IoT supports a variety of protocols (OPC UA, REST API, ModBus TCP/IP & RTU, etc.) to enable you to connect your custom, 3rd party devices to Power Monitoring Expert.

  • You can customize your Xserver.IoT to your project with opensource .NET Core SDK (C#)


Industrial PCs, PLCs, Meters, Sensors, etc.

  • There is no need to build a major IT infrastructure; with IoT servers, installation can be prompt and easy.

  • AVReporter enables energy-related reporting tasks to be executed efficiently and in a user-friendly environment.

  • The IoT server's Onboard Storage helps to avoid data loss due to the uncertainty of network communication.

  • Devices communicating through specific protocols may also be connected to the AVReporter Energy management system.

  • Data push can be executed towards the energy management system; only such solutions can be applied in a strict IT security environment.

  • Meeting strict IT security and data encryption requirements.

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